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The lugs curve downwards and help in making the watch comfortable on the wrist.

The one thing that works against comfort is the huge crown.

It does make operating the watch easy but to someone used to smaller crowns or ones placed at 4 o’clock, like me, this will feel uncomfortable.

As you would expect from a field watch it is completely brushed and the brushing is Best High Quality Replica Rolex For Sale Cheap Watch very fine, making for a lasting finish that will handle scratches well.

The bezel is the only polished part of the watch and to be honest I don’t know why they went with that.

I mean I understand they Tag Heuer Replica Watch wanted to add some bling to the watch as to not make it too boring with all the brushing, but choosing the bezel, which is the part of the watch that will get most scratches, just seems kind of wrong, and if you look at pictures of used ones, you will know what I mean.

It does make the watch look prettier while new, but with age it just shows more scratches than would be visible if the bezel was brushed or bead blasted.

The crystal is sapphire and has no AR coating at all,

which can be a bit of a problem because it is also slightly curved meaning it is very reflective.

It’s almost impossible to take a look at the dial without seeing something reflecting in it, and most of the time it’s your own swiss watches replicas face.

I still like this better than if they went with outer AR, but they could have at least put it on the inside or went with a flat crystal.

Both of these would have reduced the reflections by a huge amount.

I even know some people who sold their watches because of this, but then again, some people like that look and find it cool so I guess you lose some and you win some.

The dial is a typical field watch but with some added finesse and dressiness so you have a sunburst effect on the smaller center part where the 24 hour markers are, then you get this circular brushing on the hour fake markers part followed again by a sunburst effect on the outer chapter ring with seconds and minute markers.

Now, I am really a sucker for legible watches and this one really excels at that.

Another thing you might have noticed me saying often in my blogs is the length of hands relative to the markers and how it annoys me when the hands don’t reach their designated markers.

On this watch it is the complete opposite.

In fact, this watch could be used as an example of how hands and markers should be placed relative to each other.

The hour hand ends exactly at the inner part of the dial, the minute hand touches its markers and the seconds hand is even longer, touching the seconds markers.

All this gives the watch a very professional almost an instrument like look.

I especially love the red seconds hand tip as it adds just the right amount of color to the dial.

The inscriptions are also very minimalistic and work well with the spirit of the watch.